Nowadays there is no need for small businesses to burden themselves with the cost, complexity and responsibility of installing and maintaining their own server.

'Cloud Hosting' put simply is a service that allows you to rent a computer server instead and run all of your business-critical software on it. The server itself resides in a highly secure data centre somewhere in the UK. It's maintained for you, it's backed up for you (several times a day), it's upgraded for you as and when your business needs it. You simply pay a monthly fee and then get on with running your business.

A small business can gain lots of advantages by using a Cloud Hosting service;

  • No investment in the purchase of computer servers is needed (typically a server will need replacing every 3-4 years);

  • Data backups are all done automatically for you;

  • Cloud Hosting is a far more resilient option because you have access to a service where there are standby replacement servers, 24x7 highly skilled technical support services, advanced fire suppression facilities and so on, a wealth of protections basically that would be unaffordable if you had to install or maintain them within a business;

  • It's also far more flexible. If your business expands then so can your Cloud Hosting service, very quickly. If you need to consolidate then this too can be done equally as quickly, so you are not exposed to a high fixed-cost infrastructure that has for whatever reason become an unnecessary burden;

  • You connect to your Cloud Hosting service across the Internet. This means you or any of your employees can connect and work from anywhere in the world using just about any device. This gives you much more flexibilitiy and can potentially cut down the huge expense of renting office space;
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