Why settle for a generic, "one size fits all" computer system? It's a bit like buying a drill bit that's nearly the size you need; sure, you get a hole, but it still takes a lot more effort to actually get the hole to be exactly the right size for your needs. 

In a small business wasted time and effort trying to make up for the shortcomings of a generic computer system can make the difference between the system helping the business or just getting in the way. A far better solution is to have a computer system designed specifically for you. A professionaly designed and developed computer system can significantly streamline critical business processes, freeing up valuable staff time, improving customer service, and even improving sales. 

For any small business trying to differentiate itself in the market it serves, a customised computer system can help innovate by efficiently supporting business development plans.

In times past the cost of having a custom system developed was prohibitve for most small businesses, but modern development techniques mean this is no longer the case. In addition, SolutionJ takes a pragmatic, long-term approach with its clients which allows us to keep the one-off investment requirement to an absolute minimum.

If you find yourself fighting your current system, or you're a new or growing business looking for its first computer system, then let Solution take a look at your needs and put forward a fixed-cost proposal for you to consider. Contact us now to arrange a free, initial consultation.

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